In January 2007 Martina Mueller CALLISTI launched her own fashionlabel and in the same year she opened up her first store in Vienna. The designer focuses on Prêt-à-porter / Ready to Wear Collections. In 2009 she broadened her range by designing her first Couture Line, the “Luxury Couture Line” that from now on will re-emerge annually. The designer kept a collection in mind that is meant to embody timeless elegance and modern sensuality! Within the following years and with each new collection the company and reputation have grown considerably! The store has seen each collection evolve with ever more ingenuity, reinforcing her unique brand of modern couture. In 2012 she additionally launched her first mens collection which reflects to the self-confident, young-at-heart business-men.
The CALLISTI style is extravagant, chic & fancy with avantgarde touch and biker-look-attidude.

The label CALLISTI is well featured in the media, both on tv, and in all renowned Austrian & European magazines and newspapers. Martina Mueller CALLISTI´s designs have been worn and represented by lots of famous actresses, singers & models already like Lena Gercke, Gitta Saxx, Lena Reichmuth, Sabine Petzl, Lilian Klebow and first of all Hollywoods Superstar Brooke Shields. She has lately worn a beautiful gown by CALLISTI at Vienna´s glamourous Opera Ball in 2016.

CALLISTI‘s Greek origins, “KALISTE”, means: “For the most beautiful“. Martina Mueller slightly modified the original wording to: CALLISTI Fashion, “for the most beautiful”. This is how a woman & man should feel while wearing her creations.


CALLISTI focuses on Prêt-à-porter / Ready to Wear collections and since 2009 as well on the Couture-clothingline that shows elegant an stylish evening dresses. The CALLISTI style is sexy, straight and minimal, which emphasizes the female body and its lines. Bringing out each unique woman‘s own femininity, not disguising it, it is a request to focus and bring out the advantages of the female body. Feminine, tailored, enhancing & sexy designs but always with a noble, classical touch. A dress is a gown to Martina Mueller Callisti who combines a romantic imagination and a passion for glamour with business sense. Every single piece, whilst never being to outrageous is essentially all about sensuality and feminine power.

Her hip and stylish accessories, like waist belts, evening bags and gloves complete her creation and finish off her look perfectly. “Reduced to the maximum“ is the mindset.


Martina Mueller Callisti, born in Vienna, has arrived enthusiastically on the fashion and design scene after several years.
She started creating and sewing at the young age of 13 for her friends and family. At 19 years old,
she presented her first collection successfully in an avantgarde fashion shop in the Viennese 1th District.
Then at 21, at the end of her university studies as a graphic-designer, Martina Mueller went to Miami and New York,
where she derived the influences for her next collections. Her inspirations came from the diversity of the people,
the Broadway theaters and the art and architecture. The elegance and simplicity of the architectural landscape,
glamourized by mirrored glass and classical lines, with elegant, ornate details shows up impressively in her latest work.

In January 2007 Martina Mueller launched her label “CALLISTI” and opened up her first store in Vienna. She is the Creative Director, the heart and the brain behind CALLISTI. Her unique sense of aesthetics has already earned her a distinguished place in the fashion business nationwide and everything she produces reflects her exclusive approach to elegance. She has a deep understanding of woman´s form and shape and there is a huge amount of integrity in her work. The ambition behind CALLISTI is to evolve and develop the distinctive design universe reflecting Ms. Mueller Callisti´s unique style.

Martina Mueller Callisti´s vision is to be recognised as a design driven and inspiring global brand. Based on loyalty, honesty and long-lasting relationships the company aims to be a well respected player in the industry. The goal is to achieve international acclaim and commercial success in boutiques around the world. At the same time the designer is keen to retain the exclusivity of the brand, so she limits the production of each piece.

The CALLISTI collections are being produced at the designers in-house atelier and additionally in 2 production centers in Austria and Hungary. Furthermore Martina Mueller is producing and designing Promotion Outfits and uniforms for the following companies like Coca-Cola, Red-Bull, Eristoff, Stolichnaya, Stabilo, NOKIA, N-GAGE, CAMEL, Stiegl, NESPRESSO, Bacardi, T-Mobile, HONDA, Heineken, Telekom, ABSOLUT, LOREAL and more.


EVENING GOWNS 2015/16 II Photographer: Wolf Steiner II Model: Oana Apetroaire II Hair&MakeUp: Penelope Uttenthaler

MEN´s SUIT Collection Chapter.04 2015 II Photographer: Martina Mueller Callisti II Model: Chris Tauber-Romieri

AUTUMN/WINTER 2015 Chapter.03 Lookbook II Photographer: Wolf Steiner II Models: Irina Scherb, Chris Tauber-Romieri

SPRING/SUMMER 2015 II Photographer: Chris Ecker II Model: Ina May

EVENING GOWNS 2014/15 Photographer: Isabella Abel II Model: Amina Dagi

AUTUMN WINTER 2014 IMAGE Campaign & Lookbook II Photographer: Christopher Klettermayer II Models: Ina May, Stephen James Hendry II Hair&MakeUp: Penelope Uttenthaler

Photographer: Wolf Steiner –

Photographer: Wolf Steiner –

Collections: SPRING SUMMER 2012 / GLAMOUR 3+4 / BUSINESS-LADY 2+3
Photographer: Irene Schaur – – Vienna / Austria

a CAMP HUSTLE Production

Photographer: Irene Schaur – – Vienna / Austria

Photographer: Bob Leinders – – Hamburg / Germany

VENEZIA DRAMA Ballrobes mit Patricia Kaiser
Photographer: Erik Bont – – Liechtenstein

Photographer: Martin Siebenbrunner – – Vienna / Austria

Photographer: Chris Singer – – Vienna / Austria

Special Thanx to:
Show-Tunes by Sascha Weisz – – Vienna / Austria
Show-Tunes by Arman S. – – Miami / Florida

Kreativ- & Artdirektion, Konzept, Grafik Design: Michael Schwarz
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Callisti Fashion – Style Corporation Müller & Co KG
Weihburggasse 20
1010 Wien
Tel: +43 676 3013010

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Callisti Fashion – Style Corporation Müller & Co KG
Weihburggasse 20
1010 Wien
Tel: +43 676 3013010

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Callisti Fashion – Style Corporation Müller & Co KG
Weihburggasse 20
1010 Wien
Tel: +43 676 3013010

Geschäftsführer: Martina Mueller-Callisti

Registergericht: Landesgericht Wien

UID Nr: ATU56460369
FN 205433h


Kontoinhaber: CALLISTI Fashion
IBAN: AT293288000000555821